Graz: 2022/06/29

Dear athletes, from now on you can call up the 7 Austria eXtreme Triathlon 2022 in pictures!

Have fun looking around!

Your Autxtri Team



Graz 2022/06/27


Strong performances, great emotions at the Austria eXtreme Triathlon

Spielberger and Weigl win the 7th Austria eXtreme Triathlon

On June 25th, the Austria eXtreme Triathlon from Graz to the Dachstein took place for the seventh time. As is to be expected from a race over a total of 258 km and 5,800 meters in altitude, the day of the race was characterized by strong performances, great emotions and, last but not least, the shared experience of the athletes from 17 nations. The Austrian Dominik Weigl was the first to reach the finish on the Dachstein. The fastest woman, Tanja Spielberger from Germany, caused a sensation, she finished in third place overall.

But back to the start: The rain stopped just in time for the first transition zone to be set up at 3:00 a.m. and the current for the river swimming in the Mur was also moderate. The start at 4:30 a.m. was the begin of a day of racing with excellent external conditions. Numerous spectators provided a lively atmosphere.

All of the athletes who started switched to their bikes and were spared the rain on their way over the Gaberl, Lachtal and Sölkpass passes. Only a strong headwind increased the demands in parts. Dominik Weigl led the bike course and was the first to switch to running shoes.

On the running track, Weigl extended his lead and reached the finish line under the south face of the Dachstein with his supporter after 12:34. Austria's Mario Schabus followed in second place ahead of the fastest woman, Tanja Spielberger, who crossed the finish line after 14:16 ahead of Germany's Markus Sartory. The Swiss Florence Sauser and Jasmina Zver from Slovenia completed the women's ranking.

With all the extreme performances that the Austria eXtreme Triathlon requires, the shared experience and mutual support were not neglected this time either. Especially between athletes from different nations - sport also connects at the Austria eXtreme Triathlon. A very special moment came just before midnight: A marriage proposal right after the finish line, that too is the Austria eXtreme Triathlon.

There was also a special finish for the German Paul Schiele and the Belgian Peter Rondas. With their finish, they have lived the motto "Make the impossible possible" and have now completed all races of the Extreme Triathlon Series with triathlons in Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, South Africa and Austria.




Graz 2021/06/20

Dear athletes and supporters!

Here is some more information about the 7th Austria eXtreme Triathlon.

 Swim training on Thursday, June 23

On Thursday, June 23, 5:30 pm Claudia Müller offers a swim training in the river Mur. Meeting point is

the Altarm Thondorf, so directly at the exit of the swim course of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon.

 Registration and briefing on Friday, June 24 at 4pm

- Of course there will be the current weather forecast for you.

- Please remember that photo IDs of the athlete and the supporter are obligatory for the registration.

Of course athlete and supporter have to be present in person.

- You will also need 20 Euros in cash as a rental fee for the vest in which you will wear the GPS tracker

during the swim. The rental fee will be refunded when you return the vest on Sunday at the winner`s


- For all those who do not have an Austrian annual license, we also ask you to have 20 Euro in cash

ready. This is obligatory for all.

- remember to service your bike

 GPS LIVE TRACKING on Race day Saturday, June 25th 2022

All friends and sports enthusiasts can follow the athletes of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon live via

 Winners ceremony on Sunday 26th June, 10am Hotel Berghof outdoors on the meadow!

- Address: Hotel Berghof Ramsau 192, 8972 Ramsau am Dachstein / time 10am

- You will receive your finisher shirts and your medal.

- A finisher photo will be taken after the winner ceremony.

 From 1pm there will be a summer party at the Hotel Berghof, you can all participate.

The meal ticket costs 35 Euro, drinks have to be paid extra. This is then the common end.

Please come all to the winners ceremony!

We are looking forward to your participation at the 7th Austria eXtreme Triathlon and wish you a safe

and stress-free journey!

Your AutXtri Crew



Graz 2022/04/15

Dear athletes, supporters, sponsors and friends of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon!

We are very pleased to present the Starter Journal 2022. 
In the journal you will find interesting interviews as well as some personal stories and of course all starters 2022.

The 7th Austria eXtreme Triathlon will take place on 25 June 2022.
Get ready for it, we are already doing it! 

We wish you a wonderful Easter and keep moving!

Your Autxtri Team



Graz 2022/02/28

Dear athletes, 

of course, you always play the leading role at the Austria eXtreme Triathlon. But this year you can step even further into the limelight - as a team accompanied by the camera. 

Ever since the Austria eXtreme Triathlon has existed, there has been a film about the extreme race through Styria. And the films about the first six Austria eXtreme Triathlons found their audience, they have been clicked half a million times on YouTube so far. In addition, since 2019 there is the "Film & Talk" presentation, an event with athletes and invited guests in the Schubert cinema in Graz. 

At the 7th Austria eXtreme Triathlon on June 25th, 2022 we will give the film a new format. Our camera team will accompany three teams and document their very own race. From the start at dawn in the Mur river and over the mountain passes to the Dachstein. With all challenges, hardships and joys, authentic and up close. 

We cordially invite you to apply for a leading role in the film of the 7th Austria eXtreme Triathlon! 

What do you have to do for it? Give our cameraman a seat in your support vehicle. And you, athlete and supporter, give some insight into your race. Of course in such a way that your race is practically not disturbed. 

What do you get for it? A leading role in Your fight!, the film of the 7th Austria eXtreme Triathlon. And VIP tickets for the "Film & Talk" event in September. 

We look forward to receiving your applications at !

Deadline for applications: 2022/03/31

Your Autxtri team



Graz 2022/02/14

Roadbook 2022 is now online!



Klagenfurt 2021/11/20

Austria eXtreme Triathlon wins Triathlon Award 2021.
The Austria eXtreme Triathlon is awarded as best event of the year 2021 by the Austrian Triathlon Federation! 

The Austria eXtreme Triathlon wins the title as best event of the year. The award was presented during the Triathlon Awards 2021 held on 20 November as a livestream by the Austrian Triathlon Federation.
The award shows that even a small event has what it takes to achieve great things. Of course, this can only succeed with the tireless commitment and work of many helpers and supporters. President Maria Schwarz says: "We work with a large team of volunteers all year round for the Austria eXtreme Triathlon. It requires an extremely high level of commitment, so it is all the nicer when this is also appreciated." 
The organising team of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon also sees the awards as an incentive for further development and to try out new things.

For example, the Austria eXtreme Triathlon is now one of the five stops of the Extreme Triathlon Series  with further races in Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic and South Africa.
The 7th Austria eXtreme Triathlon will take place on 25 June 2022. Registration is open at 


Graz 2021/11/08

Dear Austria eXtreme Triathlon Fans!

After 2019, the Austrian Triathlon Association is presenting the Triathlon Austria Awards for the second time. The event of the year will again be chosen by public vote. In case that sounds familiar: With your votes, the Austria eXtreme Triathlon 2019 was recognized as the best event! (3 Place London)

Of course we would like to do it again this year and ask for your active help, i.e. your vote. Passing this information on is desirable, each person has one vote! The awards will be presented at the Triathlon Austria Gala, this year on November 20 in Klagenfurt.

You can find the online voting here: <Link>. Voting is possible once (one vote per email address) until November 14, 2021, midnight.

Thank you, your Autxtri Team



Graz 2021/09/19

The other side- the movie of the 6th Austria eXtreme Triathlon

Film premiere at the Schubertkino in Graz with panel guests from sports, business and politics

For the second time after 2019, a premiere took place on 15 September 2021 at the Schubertkino in Graz in front of 200 invited guests: The other side, the film about the 6th Austria eXtreme Triathlon. In addition to the film, the evening also offered a series of exciting talks and short video clips in an entertaining 100 minutes, with Josef Gerhard Pfleger as the moderator.

After a forced break last year due to a pandemic, the 6th Austria eXtreme Triathlon took place on 26 June 2021. The German Nicole Bretting and the Austrian Horst Langmaier covered the extreme distance across Styria the fastest. As in previous years, however, the winners were of course all those who reached the finish line under the south face of the Dachstein.

The focus of the quarter-hour film produced by the Zeitgeist agency is not on the athletes, however. The film looks behind the scenes of their extreme sporting achievements. It puts the spotlight on all the people without whom these achievements would not be possible - the support teams, the volunteers, the families, the organisers.

For some of them it is a lot of work spread over the whole year, the race course, the website, the sponsoring and much more needs to be organised. For outsiders, the list of tasks around the race is confusingly long - from registering the athletes and their briefing to setting up and dismantling transition zones, checkpoints and the finish. And of course it's also about feeding and motivating the athletes and running the last 17 km together with them as their personal supporter.

A film for and about those who otherwise only appear on the sidelines. Without them, however, many sporting events would not exist, as the guests from sport, business and politics agreed on stage or via video message. Without them, there would also be no 7th Austria eXtreme Triathlon, which will take place on 25 June 2022. Registration opens on 30 September 2021.

Link video:


Graz 2021/07/15

Austria eXtreme Triathlon – The other side!

One of the world's toughest triathlons runs right through Styria. The course between Graz and the Dachstein is a hotspot for extreme sports, with athletes from more than 20 nations arriving every year. The films of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon have been viewed more than half a million times on Youtube. 

Reason enough to celebrate the 6th edition of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon, which took place on June 26th, with an evening at the Schubertkino in Graz. In addition to the presentation of the brand new film of the 6th Austria eXtreme Triathlon, a varied program will be offered. Embedded in a discussion round with representatives from sports, business and politics

Schubertkino Graz, September 15, 2021, 6:00 p.m. 


Graz, 2021/06/27

Strong performances at the Austria eXtreme Triathlon

Bretting and Langmaier win the 6th Austria eXtreme Triathlon 2021

On June 26 Austria's toughest long distance race went into the 6th round in perfect weather conditions. It was a strong signal that the athletes set with their start after the compulsory break last year. Despite all the difficulties that still exist, they had come from 10 countries to the start south of Graz.

They were welcomed in a quite accommodating manner by the Mur for the river swim leg: With a water temperature of 18 degrees and a moderate current, the conditions were good for the first discipline. After the start at dawn, the entire field had passed the first buoy upstreams after a few minutes and switched to the bike after a total of 3.8 km in the water.

On the 186 km and almost 3,900 vertical meters of the bike course, an exciting race were several changes in leadership unfolded. The two-time Austria eXtreme winner Michael Strasser reached the second transition area by a narrow margin, before health problems on the running track forced him to give up. As the fastest woman, the Hawaii-proven German Nicole Brettingswitch to the running shoes.

With a great running performance over 44 km with another 1,900 meters of altitude, the Austrian Horst Langmaier finished first under the south wall of the Dachstein in 12:59. He was followed by his compatriots Dominik Weigl and Rene Stelzl. Nicole Bretting finished as the fastest woman in 16:00, ahead of the Austrian Katharina Turza and the Dutch Linda Schonewille.

The last few kilometers in high alpine terrain held one last hard test in store for some with a heavy rain shower. Of the 71 starters, 39 reached the finish line before midnight, where unbridled joy and great emotions were given free rein, not least in the face of a large enthusiastic crowd.

The Austria eXtreme Triathlon shows the most beautiful sides of Styria, but it is also part of the international Extreme Triathlon Series, And this offers a special challenge: Anyone who successfully finishes the races in Austria, Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic and South Africa within three years is a true extreme triathlon athlete – and can then call a special trophy their own. With his finish on the Dachstein, the Czech Jiri Prasek has already brought his fourth race to the finish.

The 7th Austria eXtreme Triathlon, take place on June 25, 2022.


Graz 2021/06/21

Dear athletes,

here we send you some important information for the race weekend. Because of the Covid regulations, part of the process differs from the previous information. In any case the following information applies.

Briefing on Friday, June 25, 2021 in the Feldkirchen sports hall

  • from 4:00 pm registration (entrance area)
  • 4:30 pm briefing in German for start numbers 1 - 100 (hall)
  • 5:00 pm briefing in English for start numbers 1 - 200 (hall)
  • 5:30 pm briefing in German for start numbers 101 - 200 (hall)

A maximum of 50 people are allowed in the hall.
The Austrian Triathlon Association prescribes a day license of 20 Euro for all participants without an annual license. This day license must be paid in cash on site.
For wearing the GPS tracker while swimming, you will receive a special bustier, for which we will collect a deposit of 20 Euro in cash, which you will receive back when you return the bustier.
According to the Covid regulations, participation in the briefing is only possible for tested, vaccinated or recovered persons (3G rule). Corresponding valid evidence must be presented upon entry.
It is mandatory to wear an FFP2 mask during the briefing.

Race day on Saturday, June 26th 2021
All friends and sports enthusiasts can follow the athletes of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon live via

Winner ceremony on Sunday, June 27, 2021 in Ramsau
Due to the Covid regulations, the brunch in the Ramsau event center has to be canceled. The winning ceremony will take place at 10:00 on the meadow behind the event center.
We wish you all the best for the final preparations and your journey!

Your AutXtri Team



Graz 2021/05/10

Austria eXtreme Triathlon swim training with Claudia Müller

It's getting warmer, the bike rides are getting longer and the streaming channels deliver great international triathlon action every weekend. And there are only 6 weeks left until the 6th Austria eXtreme Triathlon!
So it's time to tweak the swim shape a little. Not anywhere, but on the swimming course of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon. Not alone, but with like-minded people, but above all with Claudia Müller, 5-time world champion in ice swimming and 3-time finisher of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon.

Claudia offers you a swimming training on May 28th, June 19th and June 24th at 5:30 pm. Meeting point Altarm Thondorf at the food truck. Claudia will certainly answer your questions not only about swimming, but also about the entire Austria eXtreme Triathlon.

Please register via FB: or  per E-Mail:  We ask for voluntary donations, all of which will go to Claudia. Have fun with your swim training!

As a reminder for everyone who brings an extra dose of motivation from the break in triathlon competition: The Austria eXtreme Triathlon is part of the Extreme Triathlon Series. It starts on May 29 with the Pirene Xtreme Triathlon, after the Austria eXtreme Triathlon on June 26 follows the Stone Brixia Man on July 3, the Winter Man on October 10 and the Knysna Extreme Triathlon on October 16 – more details

Your AutXtri Team


Graz 2021/04/01

Dear athletes, supporters, sponsors and friends of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon!

We are very pleased to present the Starter Journal 2021.
In the journal you will find interesting interviews as well as some personal stories and of course all starters 2021.
Our most urgent wish is that the 6th Austria eXtreme Triathlon can take place as planned this year.
Get ready for it, we are already doing it!

We wish you a wonderful Easter and keep moving!

Your Autxtri Team


Graz 2020/12/23

Dear athletes, dear supporters, dear sponsors, dear volunteers!

It is certainly true to say that this 2020 has been a very different year than anyone would have imagined.

It was a year that was to be overshadowed by Corona, an invisible virus that had a firm grip on the year and affected us on many levels. Both professionally and privately, we were put to the test.

Thus, the Austria eXtreme Triathlon was also forbidden to take place.

Now we are looking forward to the New Year 2021 and are positive that we will be able to organize the 6th Austria eXtreme Triathlon on 26 June 2021.

We wish you all a peaceful Christmas and a healthy, happy and positive 2021.

Your Autxtri crew



Graz 2020/09/17

The 6th Austria eXtreme Triathlon 2021 - ready to race.

Good news from Graz: The preparations for the sold out 6th edition of the toughest long distance race in Austria are in full swing.

June 26, 2021 is heavily marked in the diaries of 100 athletes from over 20 countries. On this day, at 4:30 am the starting signal for the 6th Austria eXtreme Triathlon should be given.

This year, we all together learned to live with insecurities, cancellations and isolation. That is why we have done everything possible to make the 6th edition of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon a reality. Limited to just 100 participants and with a security concept that meets practically all boundary conditions imaginable. Just - ready to race. And that on the beautiful classic route from the river landscape near Graz up to the alpine regions of the Dachstein. An unforgettable day on a long distance triathlon with almost 6000 meters of altitude.

The preparations are of course only possible in a team, together with many friends, volunteers and partners, whom we would like to take this opportunity to thank. At this point we would like to ask a special partner in front of the curtain. Löffler sports wear is our long-term reliable partner for the finisher shirts, the shirts of the volunteers and the merchandising outfits. Löffler sports wear relies on regional and sustainable production, from the fabric to the finished product, making it the ideal partner for the Austria eXtreme Triathlon.

Your autxtri crew


Graz 2020/06/23

Dear athletes!

Even if we cannot accompany you on the race track of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon next Saturday, this day will be a very special one for us. A day that we naturally want to share with you!

We will send you short video messages that will accompany you through the day on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram every half hour from 4:30 a.m. The messages come from all those who make the Austria eXtreme Triathlon what it is – our volunteers, supporters, friends.

We wish you and your families all the best, a nice and safe summer and injury-free training!

The 6th Austria eXtreme Triathlon will take place on June 26, 2021, for the first time as part of the Extreme Triathlon Series  The registration is open on 1 July 2020 from 7pm for the last 30 starterplaces.

Your Autxtri team



Graz 2020/05/31

3 years, 5 triathlons - that is the goal of the new XTRI series!

We have combined our passions with 4 other countries to set up a unique and unforgettable series and the time has finally come to launch the XTRI Series.

The XTRI series starts in November 2020 in South Africa at the Knysna Extreme, which is then followed by Pirene xtreme triathlon (Spain), Austria eXtreme (Austria), StonBrixiaMan (Italy) and the Winterman (Czech Republic).

Finishers will receive a race specific puzzle medal. Athletes who have completed all 5 Extreme Triathlons will be given a unique trophy to complete their journey. Each finisher medal has its own place on the extreme series trophy.

Although part of a series, each individual triathlon race remains independent with its own local characteristics, personal touch and experience. Athletes will need mental strength, determination and a strong character to be successful. And will be pushed to their limits on all the Xtri Series courses.


Graz 2020/03/31

Postponement 26.June 2021

The current development around COVID-19 forces us to cancel the 6th Austria eXtreme Triathlon on June 27, 2020, after consultation with the Austrian Triathlon Association.

This decision is very difficult for us, but there is no alternative given the global situation. From today's perspective, it is very unlikely that the international participants, who make up about 80% of the starting field, can travel. However, it is also not to be expected that an event comprising a total of several hundred athletes, supporters and voluntary helpers may be carried out at all.

We thank all athletes for their trust and hope that they will continue to give it to us. With this in mind, we have already set June 26, 2021 as a new date for the 6th Austria eXtreme Triathlon, the starting places will be transferred automatically!

We wish the athletes and their families all the best so that everyone stays healthy and enriches everyday sports with some alternative training methods.

#stayhealthy #stayathome #flattenthecurve #seeyou2021



Graz 2020/03/21


We are all facing unforeseen challenges these days because of COVID-19. The organization team of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon would first of all like to thank all those who ensure health care and the supply infrastructure. Together we can support them as best we can if we adhere to the official requirements, avoid contacts and stay at home if possible.

Of course, this is not always easy, especially for athletes, but why not use the time to try something new? For example a marathon around your own house? 

The Austria eXtreme Triathlon organization team is following the current development very closely and is currently continuing the planning for the 6th Austria eXtreme Triathlon on June 27, 2020.

According to the development in the next few weeks, we will pass on current information to you immediately.

#flattenthecurve #stayathome  #stayhealthy



Graz 2019/12/16

Austria eXtreme Triathlon 2019 - Tears of Triumph

Half a year before the 6th edition of Austria's toughest triathlon, the Austria eXtreme Triathlon on June 27, 2020, preparations are in full swing. But there is also time for a look back.And that is very positive. “Five years of enthusiastic participants from 35 countries, incredible achievements, great emotions, the close cooperation between athletes, supporters, volunteers and the organizational team. What more do you want? ”, summarizes Maria Schwarz, the president of the organization team, the first five years of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon.

It wasn't just the participants who saw the Austria eXtreme Triathlon as one of the world's best and, in particular, the most scenic races in the world.At the international Challenge Awards the Austria eXtreme Triathlon achieved the excellent 3rd place in the category best international triathlon. Maria and Hugo Schwarz accepted the award in London in October this year.

The Austrian Triathlon Association nominated the Austria eXtreme Triathlon among the top three events. Another great success after winning this category last year from the Styrian Triathlon Association. Maria Schwarz also received the Bronze Medal from the Austrian Triathlon Association.

We could only achieve this together, our heartfelt thanks go to all athletes, supporters, sponsors and volunteers!

Of course, the Austria eXtreme Triathlon continues to develop. In 2020, the race will see company relay teams for the first time as part of sponsorship support. And there are a number of other ideas...

The 6th Austria eXtreme Triathlon will take place on June 27, 2020. Registration is open, the Early Bird Bonus applies until December 31! And note the date: On September 2nd, 2020 there will be the next film premiere.

The Autxtri crew wishes you a Merry Christmas and a healthy, successful and happy 2020.



Graz 2019/10/29

Your vote counts!

The Austria eXtreme Triathlon has just made it to the top three events worldwide,

now (and just until November 1) it faces the poll in Austria - We would be very happy about your vote!

Passing on the word is urgently allowed!

Also that the registration is open.

 Your Autxtri Team.


Graz 2019/10/15

Registration for the 6th Austria eXtreme Triathlon opens October 19

The 6th Austria eXtreme Triathlon takes placeon June 27, 2020. Become part of the big adventure – registration will open on Saturday, October 19, 2019 at 19:00. Attention, limited starting slots!

Test your limits at one of the toughest long-distance events in the world, with a unique combination of swimming, cycling and running in a fantastic landscape between Graz and the Dachstein. If you need some motivation, here are the race videos of the last years.

We look forward to you. It wants to change your life!



Graz 2019/09/17

We made it!

A few weeks ago, we were nominated by “Runner’s World” and “Let's Do This” among the top 20 triathlon organizers worldwide. It’s hard to believe, but YOU have brought us to a fantastic third place! Without your vote we wouldn’t have made it and for this we would really like to sincerely thank each of you.

Having an idea is a necessary first step. To put this idea into action is more than half the battle and then, as an idea maker, to finish this challenge yourself, that's just awesome. We have realized our dream of organizing our own extreme triathlon and can only encourage you to turn your dreams into reality. It's always worth it, as all our invested energy and work has now been rewarded with a great third place in this global vote.

Thanks again for your vote!


Graz 2019/09/09

The 5th Austria eXtreme Triathlon is history – here comes the movie!

As a reminder or as a motivation for the next year, we captured many beautiful and exciting moments at the 5th edition of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon. After the premiere at the Graz Schubertkino on September 4, the film goes online today. You will find them at from 9.9.2019, 7:00 pm CEST !

We wish you a lot of fun watching!



Graz 2019/08/23

You consider the Austria eXtreme Triathlon to be a great endurance event? Then give us your vote!

We are proud that the Austria eXtreme Triathlon has made it to the shortlist of the UK-based Challenge Awards in the category "Best International Triathlon". And if you support us, we can make it to the top! Just follow the link and select the Austria eXtreme Triathlon. Dissemination desired!

Thank you for your participation!


 Graz 2019/08/22   

Austria eXtreme Triathlon is a guest at Radio Helsinki live on 2019,08,23, 5:30 pm

Verein freies Radio Steiermark ist ein freier Radiosender aus Graz.

Graz 2019/08/01

Austria eXtreme Triathlon - The Film

One of the world's toughest triathlons leads across Styria. The route between Graz and the Dachstein has become in recent years a hotspot of extreme sports, to which athletes from more than 30 nations travel. The films on the Austria eXtreme Triathlon have been featured on Youtube over half a million times.

Reason enough to celebrate the 5th edition of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon, which took place on June 22, with an evening at the Graz Schubertkino. In addition to the presentation of the brand new film of the 5th Austria eXtreme Triathlon, a varied program will be on offer. Besides a panel discussion with Michael Strasser (winner 2015 and 2017, as extreme cyclist world record holder Cairo-Cape Town and Alaska-Tierra del Fuego), Barbara Tesar (winner 2019, former professional triathlete and cycling entrepreneur) and representatives from politics and business this includes news on the future of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon and plenty of room for discussions and discussions over a glass of sparkling wine.

Schubertkino Graz, September 4, 2019, 6:00 pm. The event is free of charge.



Graz 2019/07/17

The 5th Austria eXtreme Triathlon is history and we look back on a fantastic experience. A big thank you to you athletes from near and far!

Many have sent us their stories of the race day, which you can now find on our website. Read, remember, take a lot of new motivation!

We wish you all the best, a lot of joy in moving in nature and above all a great summer!

Your Autxtri team



Graz 2019/06/23

Strong performances at the 5th Austria eXtreme Triathlon

The toughest endurance race in Austria has by now firmly established its fixed place in the calendar of international extreme events. On 22nd June, athletes from 20 nations accepted for the fifth time the challenge to cover the 258 km between Graz and the Dachstein by swimming, biking and running. With an outstanding running performance, German Sven Weidner was the first to finish, Austrian Barbara Tesar clocked the fastest time ever reached by a woman.

As in previous years, race day started around 3:00 a.m. in the river landscape south of Graz. Many participants had a long journey from South Africa, China and a large number of European countries behind them. Some knew the race from earlier years and have come back. Silence, concentration and final equipment checks, but also the anticipation of the route through some of Austria's most beautiful landscapes shaped the atmosphere.

The start at 4:30 sent the participants the 15 degrees cold river water of the Mur. As always, the first 200 m of the river's current became a first endurance test, before moving on to the remainder of the 3.8km stretch. After less than an hour, Austrian Claudia Müller led the entire field out of the water. In the evening she will cross the finish line at Dachstein for the third time.

With the change to the bike, the athletes are confronted with 186 km distance over almost 3.900 vertical meters. While the front part of the field passed in dry conditions the pass heights on the Gaberl, the Lachtal and the Sölkpass, many participants had to fight here with rain showers, wind and cold. Andreas Wünscher, the editor-in-chief of led the field for a long time, he will reach the finish line only 37 minutes behind the winner in fifth place.

At the Sölksperre the Norwegian Odd Iavr Solvold was the first to turn his bike off, only about half an hour later Barbara Tesar switched to the running shoes. The running distance over 44 km came along with about 1,900 altitude meters high and finally brought many athletes and supporters to their limits. All the more, as rain showers accompanied the race and the last part of the running track led up into alpine terrain.

Here, the German Sven Weidner, after cycling in 10th position played out his running power and was the first to cross the finish line in a time of 12:54, ahead of Norwegian Odd Iavr Solvold and Austrian Bernhard Hirsch. Austrian Barbara Tesar finished as the fastest woman in 14:08 in the 11th overall place, ahead of Austrian Christina Herbst and German Rita Gottleuber. With Hugo Schwarz, the founder and organizer of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon has successfully tackled the challenges of the race, fulfilling his original dream, to start his own race and finish it off. A total of 58 out of 71 athletes reached the finish line.

"One has seen once again what is possible, if people together believe in a goal, however impossible it may seem at first", Maria Schwarz, president of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon shows herself enthusiastic  above all by the close cooperation of athletes and supporters. And: "All who have finished today have won".

Austria eXtreme Triathlon - It's time to change your life!



Graz 2019/06/14

Here are a few updates!

Swimming training on Thursday, June 20

  • On Thursday, 20 June, 5:00 pm Claudia Müller offers a swim training in the Mur river. The meeting point is the Altarm-Thondorf, directly at the exit of the swim course of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon.

Registration and briefing on Friday, June 21

  • Of course, we’ll provide you with the latest weather forecast.
  • Please remember that you have to bring photo IDs of both, the athlete and the supporter. Athletes and supporters have to be present in person.
  • You’ll need 20 Euros in cash as a rental fee for the vest in which you wear the GPS tracker while swimming. The rental fee will be refunded upon return of the west on Sunday during the brunch.

Race Day, June 22

  • In the final part of the running leg have to expect two larger snowfields this year and it can get very cold at night – choose your equipment accordingly.

Closing ceremony and brunch on Sunday, June 23

  • Attention, new address! Hohenhaus Tenne, Coburgstrasse 512, 8970 Schladming. For the trip from the Ramsau please allow about 30 minutes.

GPS Live Tracking


Graz 2019/06/14

Dear athletes!

Attention, we have a great new location for the award ceremony and brunch on Sunday, June 23!

Hohenhaus Schladming, Coburgstrasse 512, 8970 Schladming

To go there by car from the Ramsau plan about 25 minutes.

For the athletes and supporters the participation is included in the starter package. For everyone else, we remind you that you have to buy a brunch ticket until Sunday, June 16 (25 €). Link/ Place is limited, first come, first serve.

9:00 - 11:30 Award ceremony with brunch

11:30 Finisher photo; then drive to the Dachstein cable car station

12:15 By cable car up to the Dachstein



Graz 2019/05/16

Dear athletes,

we hope you are all well and eagerly training– only 5 weeks left until the Austria eXtreme Triathlon! From our side a few more informations:

On May 24 and on June 20, at 5 pm, Claudia Müller offers a swim training in the Mur. The meeting point is the Altarm-Thondorf, i.e. directly at the exit of the swim course of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon. A good opportunity to familiarize yourself with the cold river water! With Claudia not only a finisher of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon is available, but also a proven swimming specialist.

Please remember that not only you, but also your bikes should be in top shape on race day. In case of doubt, again for service!

The last part of the race leads into alpine terrain, here it could be quite cold. Think of your optimized and pre-tested equipment.

And finally: Pay attention to sufficient regeneration, we want to see you healthy at the start.

We look forward to the 22nd of June,

Your AutXtri Crew




Graz 2019/04/02

Survey confirm  Austria eXtreme Triathlon!

What motivates athletes to participate in an extreme triathlon? What do they like, what do they wish for? The Austria eXtreme Triathlon has asked a series of questions – and has received pleasing answers.

Strong participation, great image
Around 700 athletes from 25 nations were contacted and asked to answer 28 questions. A very respectable response rate of more than 38% underlines the great interest in the future development of the competition.
The answers provided very positive results for the organizers of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon. In general, the image of the event is very good. "Every company would like to have such an image," emphasizes Bernd Oberzaucher, marketing expert of the survey agency OMK.

Sporting challenge and good organization
When asked about the motivation to participate in extreme triathlons, the unique challenge of the races was first and foremost mentioned. Furthermore, spectacular landscapes and the extreme experience itself are very important.
For the Austria eXtreme Triathlon, the excellent signposting of running and cycling routes is judged very positively. Likewise highlighted are the shared experience – not least during the award ceremony and the associated brunch – as well as the simple registration procedure. Also, a majority of athletes emphasizes the appeal of the long forest and meadow trails, which are practically a figurehead of Styria.

High-caliber sporting event, uncertain future
The Austria eXtreme Triathlon has become a top-class sporting event in recent years. The results of the survey confirm that the organizers are on the right track. "All the more we look forward to the 5th Austria eXtreme Triathlon on June 22", the organizers summarize. Nevertheless, it is currently questionable whether this race will still be taking place in 2020. Why?: "On the one hand, fulfilling legal requirements and soliciting sponsorship money is becoming increasingly difficult. On the other hand, we do not know if there will be enough athletes in the future who share our philosophy. We will see…".


Graz 2019/02/17

STOP or GO 2020

Just as many athletes have faced a great challenge in recent years, the organization team is asking about the future of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon and will conduct a market analysis over the next two weeks.

We want to know what drives an eXtreme triathlete and according to which criteria he or she participates in an event. Therefore, we asked a marketing professional, OMK Bernd Oberzaucher, to develop a questionnaire.

We see the foundation laid to make this race the best eXtreme triathlon ever. We offer a fantastic track, an award ceremony that focuses on the athletes, a finisher jersey in premium quality made in Austria.

Since the Austria eXtreme Triathlon is a step-by-step race, which can only be completed as a team, we are convinced that the Austria eXtreme Triathlon offers the right format and gives the triathletes a new direction.

It is also important for us to note that the organizing team of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon inests more than 7,000 hours per year free of charge for the organization and execution of the event! The entry fee covers about half of the actual costs, the rest is financed by sponsorships.

Project Manager Hugo Schwarz: "There are many possibilities that we are considering for the years to come, for example, it is conceivable to offer an additional relay competition, different distances or catering along the route, or perhaps we are heading towards a smaller group of participants but very exclusive! Or the complete end of the event, it will definitely be exciting!

So now you are asked for your opinion, we thank you in advance for taking part in the survey.

Here is the survey:  

Your AutXtri Team


Graz, 2019/02/01

Dear Austria eXtreme Triathlon fanbase!

The starter list is online! Use it to get to know each other and to arrange training sessions or ride sharing - the gateway to new friendships is open.

We also present our 5-year anniversary team designs from Löffler. You can buy them at the briefing and brunch. Only the finisher shirt you have to earn ...

We wish you a training-intensive time and a lot of joy in moving.

Your Autxtri crew



Graz, 2018/12/21 

Also 2018 brought us and the athletes a race that lived up to its name – the fourth edition of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon was not stingy with extreme challenges.

It started when a part of the bike route over the Sölkpass was carried away by a huge storm. The road simply was not there anymore. Since the reconstruction in the alpine terrain was not completed in time, we opted for a 210 km long replacement route. There it got down to business, low temperatures and a strong headwind demanded everything from the athlete. But not surprisingly, they tackled the challenges not only on the bike, but together with their supporters also on the following running leg in the freezing rain.

Also the many volunteers have mastered the innumerable challenges and thus made the race a success. Without them, the fourth Austria eXtreme Triathlon would not have been honored as the "Event of the Year" by the Styrian Triathlon Federation.

The fifth Austria eXtreme Triathlon will take place on June 22, 2019. The route over the Sölkpass is restored. The organizing team is working at full speed and the volunteers are fully motivated. It will be an exciting year for sure. Also for you?

Have you participated in the race before and can you recommend it? Then please do so and let the others know!
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a thrilling, successful and healthy year 2019. In this sense: train hard, but be careful.
Your Autxtri crew

Austria eXtreme Triathlon wins the "Organizer of the Year 2018" Award (3.11.2018)

You once again write a piece of history together with the Austria eXtreme Triathlon! The Styrian Triathlon Federation has honored the Austria eXtreme Triathlon as "Event of the Year 2018". The award was awarded to the Austria eXtreme Triathlon association on November 3rd, 2018 by the presidents of the Austrian and Styrian triathlon federations Walter Zettinig and Werner Kreuzer. This award shows once again which professional and above all strong-willed team stand behind the Austria eXtreme Triathlon. Each sponsor, helper, athlete, supporter, crew member and fan can get an idea of this unique event on June 22, 2019 and take spectacular impressions with them. This award gives the entire crew additional motivation and pleasure to work together for the 5th Austria eXtreme Triathlon! Many Thanks!

Löffler Sports Premiumwear 2019 (7.10.2018)

Also for the year 2019, the 5th edition of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon, we are pleased to have a cooperation with our textile partner LÖFFLER again!

Löffler Sportspremium wear stands for top austrian quality with specially made finisher shirts in Autxtri Design!


Registration opens on 09.09.2018, at 09:00 am

Registration for the 5th Austria eXtreme Triathlon opens on 09.09.2018, at 09:00 am.

For the registration the system "First come - first serve" is used. So register quickly!

Austria extreme Triathlon 2018: 59 iron hard athletes finish at the Dachstein

As in previous years, the fourth edition of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon was not stingy with the challenges facing the participants. On the 258 km course from Graz to the Dachstein, they had to fight not only with the track but also with strong wind, rain and temperatures only just above the freezing point. 62 athletes from 27 nations reached the finish line with sensational performances, led by Christoph Schlagbauer in a time of 12:45 and Dominique Lothaller in 16:08.