Graz 2019/04/02

Survey confirm  Austria eXtreme Triathlon!

What motivates athletes to participate in an extreme triathlon? What do they like, what do they wish for? The Austria eXtreme Triathlon has asked a series of questions – and has received pleasing answers.

Strong participation, great image
Around 700 athletes from 25 nations were contacted and asked to answer 28 questions. A very respectable response rate of more than 38% underlines the great interest in the future development of the competition.
The answers provided very positive results for the organizers of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon. In general, the image of the event is very good. "Every company would like to have such an image," emphasizes Bernd Oberzaucher, marketing expert of the survey agency OMK.

Sporting challenge and good organization
When asked about the motivation to participate in extreme triathlons, the unique challenge of the races was first and foremost mentioned. Furthermore, spectacular landscapes and the extreme experience itself are very important.
For the Austria eXtreme Triathlon, the excellent signposting of running and cycling routes is judged very positively. Likewise highlighted are the shared experience – not least during the award ceremony and the associated brunch – as well as the simple registration procedure. Also, a majority of athletes emphasizes the appeal of the long forest and meadow trails, which are practically a figurehead of Styria.

High-caliber sporting event, uncertain future
The Austria eXtreme Triathlon has become a top-class sporting event in recent years. The results of the survey confirm that the organizers are on the right track. "All the more we look forward to the 5th Austria eXtreme Triathlon on June 22", the organizers summarize. Nevertheless, it is currently questionable whether this race will still be taking place in 2020. Why?: "On the one hand, fulfilling legal requirements and soliciting sponsorship money is becoming increasingly difficult. On the other hand, we do not know if there will be enough athletes in the future who share our philosophy. We will see…".


Graz 2019/02/17

STOP or GO 2020

Just as many athletes have faced a great challenge in recent years, the organization team is asking about the future of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon and will conduct a market analysis over the next two weeks.

We want to know what drives an eXtreme triathlete and according to which criteria he or she participates in an event. Therefore, we asked a marketing professional, OMK Bernd Oberzaucher, to develop a questionnaire.

We see the foundation laid to make this race the best eXtreme triathlon ever. We offer a fantastic track, an award ceremony that focuses on the athletes, a finisher jersey in premium quality made in Austria.

Since the Austria eXtreme Triathlon is a step-by-step race, which can only be completed as a team, we are convinced that the Austria eXtreme Triathlon offers the right format and gives the triathletes a new direction.

It is also important for us to note that the organizing team of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon inests more than 7,000 hours per year free of charge for the organization and execution of the event! The entry fee covers about half of the actual costs, the rest is financed by sponsorships.

Project Manager Hugo Schwarz: "There are many possibilities that we are considering for the years to come, for example, it is conceivable to offer an additional relay competition, different distances or catering along the route, or perhaps we are heading towards a smaller group of participants but very exclusive! Or the complete end of the event, it will definitely be exciting!

So now you are asked for your opinion, we thank you in advance for taking part in the survey.

Here is the survey:  

Your AutXtri Team


Graz, 2019/02/01

Dear Austria eXtreme Triathlon fanbase!

The starter list is online! Use it to get to know each other and to arrange training sessions or ride sharing - the gateway to new friendships is open.

We also present our 5-year anniversary team designs from Löffler. You can buy them at the briefing and brunch. Only the finisher shirt you have to earn ...

We wish you a training-intensive time and a lot of joy in moving.

Your Autxtri crew



Graz, 2018/12/21 

Also 2018 brought us and the athletes a race that lived up to its name – the fourth edition of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon was not stingy with extreme challenges.

It started when a part of the bike route over the Sölkpass was carried away by a huge storm. The road simply was not there anymore. Since the reconstruction in the alpine terrain was not completed in time, we opted for a 210 km long replacement route. There it got down to business, low temperatures and a strong headwind demanded everything from the athlete. But not surprisingly, they tackled the challenges not only on the bike, but together with their supporters also on the following running leg in the freezing rain.

Also the many volunteers have mastered the innumerable challenges and thus made the race a success. Without them, the fourth Austria eXtreme Triathlon would not have been honored as the "Event of the Year" by the Styrian Triathlon Federation.

The fifth Austria eXtreme Triathlon will take place on June 22, 2019. The route over the Sölkpass is restored. The organizing team is working at full speed and the volunteers are fully motivated. It will be an exciting year for sure. Also for you?

Have you participated in the race before and can you recommend it? Then please do so and let the others know!
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a thrilling, successful and healthy year 2019. In this sense: train hard, but be careful.
Your Autxtri crew

Austria eXtreme Triathlon wins the "Organizer of the Year 2018" Award (3.11.2018)

You once again write a piece of history together with the Austria eXtreme Triathlon! The Styrian Triathlon Federation has honored the Austria eXtreme Triathlon as "Event of the Year 2018". The award was awarded to the Austria eXtreme Triathlon association on November 3rd, 2018 by the presidents of the Austrian and Styrian triathlon federations Walter Zettinig and Werner Kreuzer. This award shows once again which professional and above all strong-willed team stand behind the Austria eXtreme Triathlon. Each sponsor, helper, athlete, supporter, crew member and fan can get an idea of this unique event on June 22, 2019 and take spectacular impressions with them. This award gives the entire crew additional motivation and pleasure to work together for the 5th Austria eXtreme Triathlon! Many Thanks!

Löffler Sports Premiumwear 2019 (7.10.2018)

Also for the year 2019, the 5th edition of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon, we are pleased to have a cooperation with our textile partner LÖFFLER again!

Löffler Sportspremium wear stands for top austrian quality with specially made finisher shirts in Autxtri Design!


Registration opens on 09.09.2018, at 09:00 am

Registration for the 5th Austria eXtreme Triathlon opens on 09.09.2018, at 09:00 am.

For the registration the system "First come - first serve" is used. So register quickly!

Austria extreme Triathlon 2018: 59 iron hard athletes finish at the Dachstein

As in previous years, the fourth edition of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon was not stingy with the challenges facing the participants. On the 258 km course from Graz to the Dachstein, they had to fight not only with the track but also with strong wind, rain and temperatures only just above the freezing point. 62 athletes from 27 nations reached the finish line with sensational performances, led by Christoph Schlagbauer in a time of 12:45 and Dominique Lothaller in 16:08.