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The Austria eXtreme Triathlon  should be an extraordinary and exclusive triathlon experience and will stay unforgetable for all participants. The Austria eXtreme Triathlon is a point to point connection, which starts in the South of Graz and leads across four mountains to the North of Styria.

The finish is situated at the foot of the montane scenery of the Dachstein.


The race itself  is an extreme challenge. The participants get rewarded with a breathtaking landscape. The time is secondarily at the Austria eXtreme Triathlon. 

It is the adventure, the unforgetable experience, the participants share with their coaches, that counts. Only the personal performance and the adventure in the midst of this spectacular scenery matters.


The coaches are  a necessary part of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon. The organisation crew only offers minimum support while swimming, biking and running. It depends on the responsibility of the coaches to support their athletes with all necessaries during the race.


This fact makes  the Austria eXtreme Triathlon a great challenge as well for the athletes as for the coaches. The coaches must accompany their athletes coactively during the last hike, so that they cross the finish line together and that they also conclude their challenge together.


Another important fact  of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon attitude and spirit should be a familiar atmosphere among the athletes, the coaches, the partners, the friends and the Austria eXtreme Triathlon crew.

All participants are involved in a great adventure, help each other and celebrate the end of the race together.  The number of participants is strictly limited and it it is a privilege to take part in the  Austria eXtreme Triathlon and to finish it.

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