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As a coach you adopt a very important function:

To get to know what expects you as a coach, we´d like to give you some detailed information:

Reserve an accommodation as soon as possible together with your teampartner (you need to get one before the challenge and also after having finished the challenge)

Do as many trainings together (you get to know each other much better while doing sports together  before the competition) 

Follow the routes on the map together and talk about them quite often („Stroßnbuach“)

If possible follow the biking route before the race by car to find out fitting places for food and drinks, that your athlete might need during the race. 

Inform yourself well about the place the briefing, which you and your athlete have to attend, takes place (exact address is written down in the „Stroßnbuach“).

Check the equipment with your athlete (hydration pack, gel, bar, first aid blanket and headlight).

Take a raincoat and warm clothing with you.

The day the race starts be sure that you slept well and that you arrive at the starting point quite early.  Don`t give negative stress a chance! Your athlete will thank you for being relaxed. 

Prepare the transition area for your athlete after swimming with all the things she/he really needs.

When your athlete leaves the water he might feel cold, prepare a blanket and also a folding chair could be helpful.

When your athlete starts biking you have to clean up your space in the transition area.

Good meeting points are mostly on lifts ( your athlete might need a dry shirt or a drink).

Have a lot of liquid for you and your athlete in your car – you will also get thirsty and hungry!

In the „Stroßenbuach“ we will tell you the places where you can fill up your bottles with water.

It is important that you reach the transition area first and that you welcome your athlete at the transition area ( dam ).; prepare the transition area for your athlete (running shoes, socks, cap, sunglasses, sunscreen – what ever he/she needs). Motivate your athlete to go on!

From now on you can`t escort your athlete all the time. We will tell you about good meeting points in the „Stroßnbuach“ (there you can hand her/him liquid and food and there you can also motivate  her/him well.

When your athlete has arrived in Aich, we advise you to go up the Dachstein immediately. Your punctual arrival at the Silberkarklamm is then warranted (every half an hour you will be  lead from the Dachstein to the Silberkarklamm).

Think about you having everything ready for your run. At the „Checkpoint Silberkarklamm“ you must show the first aid blanket, the head light, the amount of water (at least one litre) and some food.

Now you do (run) the last  km with your athlete together.

Be careful and advise her/him of dangers.

When having arrived at the Südwandhütte you can see the finish. Think about your athlete being tired after such a long race and don`t run down too fast.

Enjoy the ending of the race with your athlete and the Austria eXtreme crew.

If your athlete has to give up for any reasons, please immediately contact the Austria eXtreme crew.

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