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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Can I accompany my athlete on the running route by bike or the like?

A .: You can be accompanied by a bike on the entire running route

forbidden. All mobile pedestals are also motorized

E.g. e-bikes, etc. are not allowed on the entire running route!

The use of headphones of any kind is also prohibited!

Can I use sticks as an aid?

A .: The use of sticks of any kind is prohibited!

Until what date can the supervisor be changed?

A .: The supervisor has to be fixed on the briefing day. The specified

However, the clothing size of the supervisor's finisher T-shirt cannot

more to be changed!  

As a finisher, do you get a finisher photo?

A .: No, but you can buy it!

Can I change my starting place to the

overwrite next year?

A .: No, that is not possible!

Does the supervisor have to accompany his / her athlete on foot from the Silberkarklamm?

A .: Yes! From the Silberkarklamm the supervisor has to the athlete / s up to

to the finish on foot  accompany. Both have to cross the finish line together,

to finish the triathlon successfully and properly. Technical

Aids are forbidden!

Does my supervisor have to be on site on the briefing day?

A .: Yes, the supervisor must be present on the briefing day, otherwise it can

the athlete does not start at the Austria eXtreme Triathlon!

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