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Teams 2024

How does participating as a team work? 

It's very simple: The three of you register with your team name.

The first team member swims, team member two rides the bike course, team member three runs. You can divide the care of the active team member by the other two as you wish.


But you also have to cross the finish line as a whole team.

How it works? From the CP-Silberkarklamm (on the running route 17 km before the finish), a second team member must accompany the runner. And from the CP-Glösalm (4.5 km before the finish) the third team member comes into play again.

Only teams that cross the finish line on the Dachstein in threes are counted.


As I said, teamwork, mutual support and shared experiences are a very central part of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon. 

Team registration!

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