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The Austria eXtreme Triathlon  should be a unique and exclusive triathlon experience and will remain unforgettable for everyone involved.  The Austria eXtreme Triathlon is a step by step race that takes place in the south  starts from Graz and leads over four mountains to the north of Styria. The goal is at the foot of the massive mountain backdrop of the Dachstein.
The race is on  an extreme challenge the participants are rewarded with a breathtaking landscape.  At the Austria eXtreme Triathlon, timing is of secondary importance. In the foreground  rather, the personal commitment and the challenging adventure are  which the athletes share with their supervisors.  The winning experience in the midst of a spectacular backdrop and breathtaking natural landscapes make the event an unforgettable sporting experience. 

The supervisors and  Supervisors are a necessary part of the Austria eXtreme  Triathlon. The organizers offer minimal support on the swimming, running and cycling routes. It is the primary responsibility of the supervisors
and supervisors to provide their athletes with everything they need during the race. This fact makes the Austria eXtreme Triathlon not only for the athletes, but also for the supervisors
Challenge. The supervisors must conquer the final ascent together with the athletes in order to cross the finish line together and successfully and properly complete the challenge. 

An essential aspect  of the Austria eXtreme Triathlon is a sporty and  Comradely attitude in a family atmosphere between the athletes, the supervisors, the partners and the
Austria eXtreme Crew. All those involved contest the adventure together, support each other and celebrate the success of the goal together.
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