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Betreuerin LIU Xing für den Athleten XU Jinsong, CHN, #174


After the Swissman competition in 2017, I became an experienced supporter and have the courage to challenge the Austria Extreme triathlon as a supporter again with my athlete in 2018.

There were 7 athletes in this competition, formed a large Chinese team together with supporters and our friends who lived in Austria.
This is the most difficult competition that my athlete have ever participated in, but luckily?a clear division team was made especially for it!
Preparing for such an event requires dedication, sacrifice, and a lot of patience, we got a pretty refined supporting schedule. We were very proud of what we did.
We did it! Athlete and I, and his 3 friends, we all did it together, we are all finisher I think.
It was not only about finishing or survival, it was about experiencing the limits of our being, meeting our own efforts.
And, we never forget all the friendly people, a big thank to the organizer, volunteers, and all the athletes, supporters. All of us are not only challenging ourselves, but also experiencing the strength of teamwork.
We enjoyed fantastic race day surrounded by great people. We didn’t miss the beautiful landscape around us.
As a supporter, I like the team spirit of this race and am happy to be a part of it.

Thank you all for making it possible! 



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